The Academy is located on the highest part of the villa: an artificial terrace bordered by Roccabruna on the north and the Odeon to the south. It could be reached via a branch of a tunnel off the Grande Trapezio. For those arriving from Roccabruna, the point of arrival was the vestibule (1) which had stuccoed walls and opus sectile pavements. Here were found the Young and Old Centaurs now housed in the Capitoline Museums. From the vestibule one would pass into a large peristyle (10) around which were rooms on the north and east sides; to the west was a double colonnade. One room (21) was a one-person latrine. On the east stands the rotunda (17), known as the "Temple of Apollo," the eastern half of which is well-preserved. In the adjacent room to the east (no number) was found the famous "Doves" mosaic. The large area 16 was a colonnaded garden. The overall purpose of the Academy is not known. The complex dates to Phase II (125-133 CE).