The name "Large Baths" refers to the size of this bathing complex, which is bigger than the nearby "Small Baths." To the east was a palestra (1), next to which was the entrance (3). Apodyteria were located at 11 and 13; it is possible that 12 was the latrine. Frigidaria were found at 16 and 19; tepidaria at 17 and 20; caldaria at 24 and 26. The doubling of bathing rooms suggests a division of the building by sex. The larger room of each pairing is assumed to be reserved for males. The decoration is humble in comparison to that of the Small Baths suggesting that it was for use of the service staff. The large palestra may also be relevant since the service staff would not have been able to exercise in the villa's extensive green areas and ambulationes available to the high-ranking guests and members of the court. The structure dates to Phase I (118-125 CE).