Adjacent to and just east of the Vestibule are two thermal complexes, the Small and Large Baths. A recent interpretation assigns the Small Baths to high-ranking visitors and members of the court and the Large Baths to the service staff. Be that as it may, the decor of the Small Baths, built between 121-125 CE, is more luxurious with extensive use of opus sectile on the floors and walls. The court approached the Small Baths from the Quadriporticus to the north. This façade of the structure had a nymphaeum (1) next to which was the entrance into the baths (2). Visitors came from the Vestibule and entered through 21. The apodyterium was located at 7; another may have been located at 25 for those entering at 21. Area 12 was a small court or palestra. Rooms 6 and 19 were tepidaria; the frigidarium was located in 18; and 10, 11, 15, 16, 22-24 were hot rooms of various kinds. The staircase outside 26 to the east led down to a corridor linking the Small Baths to the lower level of the Vestibule.