This magnificent structure has two distinct parts. The northern section abuts the Pecile, from which it can be entered at 2 and 7. The entrance on the north was dominated by a large, rectangular fountain around which were found twelve statue bases. Someone entering at 7 could see along the axis through the large hall beyond (1) to a niche with a raised platform that supported another statue. Off the hall at 1 were three garden exedras (4,5,6). The eastern (6) and western (4) exedras had sculpture in the center of the plantings. The eastern section of the structure (rooms 8-14) abuts the Stadium Garden, which can be entered from colonnade 15 or the grand doorway of 8. Rooms 8-14 were raised on suspensurae; the walls and floors were in opus sectile. The suspensurae were connected by a tunnel to praefurnia under the quadriporticus. This part of the building was probably a cenatio, or dining hall. Atop this wing of the building was a roof terrace paved in opus spicatum and white mosaic.